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Dinolift Oy is constantly seeking to develop its product range by introducing new lift types and improving existing models in line with customer and market feedback. Recent DINO product launches include the ultra-light DINO 105TL in 2013, the multipurpose boom lift DINO 220XSE with impressive basket capacity and telehandler functionality in 2015 and the battery operated bestseller DINO 120TB in 2016.

Comprehensive stability calculations and loading tests ensure that DINO lifts meet the highest safety standards. The official safety inspection is performed according to industry standards (EN280) and approved by inspection organizations such as TÜV in Germany and VTT in Finland. All DINO lifts are CE-certified.

DINO distributors worldwide and the Dinolift factory in Finland provide effective after-sales services and technical support, with emphasis on immediate attention to your inquires. Technical and service training is provided by DINO professionals at our factory or locally at your place of business.

Dinolift Oy has been awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates for quality and environmental management systems.

  • Working height:10.5m
    Lift capacity: 130kg
  • Working height:12.0m
    Lift capacity:130kg
  • Working height:13.5m
    Lift capacity:215kg
  • Working height:15m
    Lift capacity: 215kg
  • Working height:16m
    Lift capacity:215kg
  • Working height:21m
    Lift capacity:215kg
  • Working height:23.0m
    Lift capacity:215kg
  • Working height:26m
    Lift capacity:215kg